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November, the month that has become known as the “Thankful” month. Well, we do celebrate thanksgiving and it’s the month prior to one of the most important holiday’s for a Christian believer. But why do we only “act” thankful during the month of November?

There are 11 other months that we should also be thankful through… there are 335 more days in the year that we should be thankful for…there are 8040 more hours that we should be thankful during…there are 482,400 more minutes we should be thankful living in and there are 28,944,000 more seconds that we should be thankful that we are breathing through.

That is a lot of time that we are missing out on.

God doesn’t just want us to be thankful on one day, or even just one month. He wants us to “give thanks in all circumstances” because this is His”will for you in Christ Jesus” 1 Thess 5:18

When was the last time that you were thankful?

When was the last time that you thanked God?

God has done so much for us, and yet we ask for more more more, or we just are not thankful for what He has already given us and blessed us with. We miss the opportunity to “thank God in all circumstances”.

I feel that sometimes after all the hard times, the struggles and the pain that we go through, that is when we may thank Him more because we see the change or difference it made in our lives.

But what about all the good things that have already been given to us, without us even asking or trying?

For our house, or shelter?
For our food?
For our jobs?
For our family?
For our friends?
For our breath?
For our heartbeat?
For our brains?
For sunshine?
For the rain?

God has already spoiled us beyond what we deserve, just by loving us and allowing us to have a relationship with Him, then because He loves us so much, He sent His one and only son to become human and sacrifice His life for us, so that we could be with Him forever! We didn’t earn this, we didn’t even plan this, God had it planned years before we even existed!

Now that is something to be 100% thankful for!!!

BUT GUESS WHAT!?!?!??!?!

I am so ungrateful most days. And I am so unworthy of any of what God has already given me. I forget about Him. I don’t talk to Him. I yell at him. I question Him. I don’t trust Him. I lie, I cheat, I get jealous, I cuss, I lust, I am a sinner!

And you know what else, I struggle everyday trying to be the person that I think I should be.

I look at other Christians and think;
“Man, I am no where near where I should be as a Christian.”
” They are growing so much, I feel like I am the only one not growing.”
“Why do I have a problem trusting you? They trust you and you have blown up in their life and are doing amazing things.”
“No wonder I fail, I suck at this whole Christian thing. So why would you want to grow me or make incredible things happen?”

Again the list could go on and on and on. This happens more than I’d like to admit. I know that I am not the same person as those I look to and look up to. And God doesn’t intend for us to all be the same, in any aspect. But yet, I never seem to see my own growth as anything special. Or I just don’t seem to see any growth at all.

Why do I always feel like the odd man out, the low man on the totem pole, unmotivated or unchanging? Why do I feel like I am the only person that God won’t be able to work with?

I know only God can answer any of these questions, and He is the only one who knows exactly what He is doing in this life of mine.

So that is when I just have to look at my life and say, “Well God, I don’t understand it. I don’t know what you are doing. I am human and I know that I am not perfect. So help me to trust you, no matter what is going on around me. Help me to see you in the day to day. Help me to grow in you and to be the person YOU intended me to be, not who I think I should be. Help me to be thankful for all you have done, all that you are doing and all that you will do in and through my life. I cannot see it, and I may not ever see what you have intended until I reach the other side of Heaven. But I will praise you, and I will serve you with my life. I pray that the light you have placed in my heart will continue to burn for you, steady and bright. And with that light, I will shine for you, in all things! I pray those around me can see it, and come to know you through it. I was placed here, exactly where I am because this is your plan for my life. You are in control and you are changing me, from the inside out, even right now, this very second, whether I am feeling it or not. Fuel that small flame within, tenderly cultivate it and breath life into it so it can burn brighter and longer for you!”

Be Thankful!! Shine your Light!! And Live Passionately for Christ!!

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Tara Neidert

Tara is single and lives in North Canton Ohio with her 9 year old Boston Terrier, Zoe. She grew up in the small town of Hartville with her parents and two brothers. She is a registered nurse and an avid “Bootcamper” at her local gym. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, attending Bible studies, accountability groups and serving on team for The Walk to Emmaus and at her local church. She is also a sports fanatic and a huge lover of Christian music. She has attended many concerts, but her love for Fireflight has landed her at 40+ concerts. Many of her friends would describe her as loyal, faithful, determined and steadfast. Tara understands the hardships of living as a Christian and seeking God’s Will for ones life. It’s been a constant struggle, but she knows that “God doesn’t call the prepared, He prepares the called.”


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