Held For Me

Here it is, the end of summer, the start of fall.

Tell me, what season starts as deliberately as fall. My oldest is only pre-school age, but still, I can feel it, the change. The end of summer madness, of sprawling, lazy days. The start of fresh beginnings, of rhythm and routine.

Honestly, I love the fall and I welcome the change, but as I consider the deliberateness that defines this season, I can’t help but take stock of the things I try to be deliberate about in my

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A Ledger of Grace

Nana’s ledger and a lifetme of grace.

Last Thursday my mom and I spent the day cleaning out closets, cabinets and a bit of our basement. As we worked we came across a drawer full of my grandmother’s belongings.

My grandma, Nana, died almost twenty years ago, but before she passed away she lived with my family and was nursed, in our home, by my mother after she suffered a stroke that left her paralyzed on one side.

While sorting through the crowded drawer of Nana’s old

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The Season of Preparation

On December the 2nd, many people will begin the celebration of the Advent Season. A time of preparation for the coming of the Lord, a celebration of the fulfillment of hundreds, even thousands of years of prophecies leading up to the first cry of Jesus on that blessed night in Bethlehem.

This is one of my favorite times of the year. This is the time when we can celebrate the joy and hope of the truth of Jesus’ birth. His ministry of Salvation and Redemption, and we can

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What is Truth

There are no limits to the ways that the Lord speaks to His children. As I journey on in this life of faith, it seems that every day He has proven that He never runs out of creative ideas to help me to know Him better and to love Him more.

Last week, I made a new friend who was sitting alone going through a large stack of flash cards. I was quite delighted to learn that she and I have a love of words in common. We had an

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