Look Behind You

My friend Beth, who lives in China, recently ran a race on the Great Wall. I know…cool, right?

A few days after the race Beth and I talked and she told me about her amazing experience.

According to Beth, foot races on the Great Wall are incredibly challenging because of the stairs involved. Many parts of the Great Wall have uneven footing and most of the stairways are uphill and very steep.

As Beth neared the end of her race a long and seemingly unrelenting set of stairs

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Today, Monday, April 15, as I sat down to write this week’s post I received a call from my husband. “Jen,” he said, “You need to turn on Fox News right now. There’s been an explosion at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.”

I left my computer and turned on the television. For several minutes, I stood and stared at the TV, as chaotic images of innocent people, hurt and in pain, flashed across the screen.

My husband and I are both runners. We’ve both crossed the finish line

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Going the extra mile

“If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.”

Matthew 5:41

photo courtesy iwanbeijes sxc.hu

“The extra mile is never crowded”

Or so a church sign boasted. I confess, the glib statement kicked up some unholy thoughts. You see at the time I passed the sign, I happened to be running mile 20 of a 22 mile run. I was literally in the extra mile.

During my marathon training, every couple weeks my “long run” got longer. Those “extra” miles are pure torture. It’s

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A calculated game...


I absolutely DEVOUR books. I am constantly crowd-sourcing new reads and adding them to my NookColor or stuffing hard copies in my book bag.

I love to read! Read, read, read, I say.

So when the Hunger Games trilogy was suggested as a good read, I naturally assumed it would be and grab the entire trilogy. If I’m reading the first book, psychologically, whether I like them or not, I’m committed to the series.

I’m weird like that.

So in book club the other day, there

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