Traveling the Trenches

I have been asking the Lord for days now to give me a fresh view of suffering. Waiting for a word from him to my heart.

Suffering is such a hard thing. As we lost our second pregnancy it felt different than the first. This time my heart was struggling with my own theology. I could see people coming a mile away and I wished that I could run. I knew they were coming to be so kind and loving but I knew they were going to ask how my

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The Truth About Guarding Your Heart...

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about being surprised when God’s goodness shows up in our lives. This post was about a relatively small matter…a stolen check that was miraculously found and returned to the bank.

Over the past few weeks this idea of expectation, desire and disappointment has become a running theme in my life. Sometimes I think God uses ‘small matters’ like the check to plant seeds in our hearts that are eventually nurtured and grown when big matters

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Because You Are My Son

A few nights ago, my family and I went out for ice cream with friends. We have a great place we like to visit. Next to the ice cream building there is a large sprawling lawn and picnic tables where our kids can play while we enjoy each other’s company.

My oldest daughter, Aletheia, has been going through a “horse” phase recently, as many young girls do. In her mind she loves to pretend that she’s riding her horse, Pinto, across meadows and mountain tops, just like Jim

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Foolish, But Free

Last week I shared a story about Doubting Thomas, and how I struggle with the issue of having faith. I also shared about my recent struggle with fear and doubt over my desire to have another baby.

This week, I would like to share the rest of that story, the part of the story that taught me the importance of abiding in God.

When I began to think and sense that I might be pregnant, I shared my heart with a close friend. I knew that my friend

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