I Like Books

A few weeks ago I wrote briefly about the cry room at my church. The cry room is a small room adjacent to the main sanctuary that is reserved for nursing moms or moms with infants and/or small children who struggle to sit through service.

My two-year-old Tenley and I fall into category number two. Week after week Tenley and I head to the cry room whenever she gets too loud and wiggly.

Tenley loves the cry room. She loves seeing the other babies and emptying the contents of my

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A Mama Never Forgets

My two-year-old, Tenley, recently went through a spell where, for two weeks, she decided she didn’t want to take an afternoon nap anymore.

Since Tenely has always been a great napper this behavior was very unusual. I wondered if she was giving up naps for good. I wondered if I should let her. I wondered if I should try something new or stick with our routine and hope she’d eventually come around.

In search of advice I posted a status comment on Facebook eliciting help from my online community of

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Watch What Love Will Do

A few weeks ago I allowed myself to get lost in the television series, Call The Midwife. Based on the true story of midwife, Jenny Lee, and set in the late 1950’s this popular TV show chronicles the life and times of the midwives who served the poorest district of post-war London.

The first episode from season one portrayed the story of Conchita Warren. Conchita and her husband were parents to twenty-four children. (Yes, you read that right…twenty-four children! Move over Duggar family.) When baby number twenty-five was found

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Mr. Roger's Way

I am of the firm belief that no one is ever too old for a good dose of Mr. Rogers.

A while back my daughter and I found a DVD copy of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood at our local library. As we watched together, equally absorbed in the adventures of Lady Alaine and Daniel Tiger, my attention was drawn to a song they were singing while peeling apples for an afternoon snack.

“It’s the apple salad way to say, I love you.

It’s the apple salad way to show I care

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