Confessions of a Peace Lover…

Do you want to build a snowman?

My answer is no. No, thank you. No, I do not want to build a snowman. It’s March. I don’t do snowmen in March, thank you very much.

But thankfully my kids don’t have the same attitude towards snow as I do, so when March arrived covered in a hefty blanket of snow they built a snowman. Not just any snowman, but a very fine snowman indeed. Instead of staying inside and complaining about the snow they chose to embrace the day with

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Doing The Hard Things

“I think it’s time we sit down and workout a budget.”

As my husband spoke these words I could feel the gears in my head, my stomach, my chest turn to a screeching halt.

There are so many things I’d rather do than sit down and workout a budget. Organize the basement? Sign me up. Clean out the fridge? I’m there. Scrub the toilets? I’m your girl. But take a long hard look at how much I spent at Barnes and Noble last month? No, thanks, I’m good.

For the

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Sugar Bear Joy

During the first week of July in my hometown of Battle Creek, MI our city welcomes hot-air balloonists from all over the world for a hot-air balloon competition and festival.

My girls live for this week of the year. When the balloons come to town our morning and evening schedules revolve around daily 6:30 am and pm launch times.

I remember one morning in particular. My usually slow risers paraded into my room as soon as daylight broke across the sky.

“Wake up! It’s time to go chase

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Puddles of Joy

Last weekend we got a call from dear friends asking if they could stop in for an overnight visit on their way to Wisconsin. Excited to see them we told them they were more to welcome.

With our friends arriving on Tuesday my week got off to a busy start. Sheets needed to be washed, beds needed to be made, and a special meal needed to be planned for Tuesday night.

On Tuesday morning we woke to a stead rainstorm outside our window. As my girls ate their

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