Puddles of Joy

Last weekend we got a call from dear friends asking if they could stop in for an overnight visit on their way to Wisconsin. Excited to see them we told them they were more to welcome.

With our friends arriving on Tuesday my week got off to a busy start. Sheets needed to be washed, beds needed to be made, and a special meal needed to be planned for Tuesday night.

On Tuesday morning we woke to a stead rainstorm outside our window. As my girls ate their

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Let us Rejoice

Ending the night last night in the bathtub, praise God, I realized that I have been really terrible at taking moments to breathe, to appreciate the silence, and allow God time. So, this afternoon I am pushing off the things that need doing and spending some time in the word. I am working on a study at Shereadstruth about Nehemiah (which I have fallen way behind in… they are already 5 or 6 days in on the next study, oops) And today I

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Surprised By the Goodness of God

A few weeks ago a group of teenage boys went through our neighborhood, opened people’s mailboxes and ransacked their mail.

Apparently, they had extra fun with our mail. When Chris searched the neighborhood for each piece of our mail we soon realized this was more than a stupid prank. An opened envelope and a missing check made it obvious their intent was to steal.

We could tell by the envelope and postage exactly what had been stolen: A check from my dad, written to me, a reimbursement for $200.00.


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When All You Want is the Blessing...

On Easter morning my girls woke up early and rushed downstairs. The Easter bunny, (AKA: Mommy), had done it’s work and two brightly colored bags full of blue and yellow tissue sat gleaming in our living room.

Chris and I followed, eager to watch their excitement. “Hold on,” I said. “I forgot my camera.”

As I ran back upstairs in search of my phone, Tenley, my two-year-old, continued to plow through the tissue that filled her bag.

“Stop, Tenley, just wait a minute,” Chris said.

Failing to understand the simplicity

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