When You Want to Feed More Than Stomachs (Plus Recipe)

I love the chance to bless the socks off of someone I love. And while I’m not a baker or an expert chef, I love to bless with food.

A few weeks ago my neighbor and friend left for a two-week vacation with her family. While she was away I happily agreed to water her flowers, pick up her mail, and keep an eye on their house while they were gone.

About a week into their vacation she sent me a text saying their plans had changed. Her husband’s father

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Five Kernels of Corn

My daughter and I recently had the delight of reading Mary’s First Thanksgiving, a picture book Kathy-jo Wargin.

In this book Wargin tells a story about a young girl named Mary and her family’s first Thanksgiving as American colonists in the early 1800’s.

Based on historical events, this sweet story draws from a speech that Daniel Webster gave in 1820 at the bicentennial celebration of the Pilgrims’ landing at Plymouth Rock.

According to Wargin’s book a banquet followed Webster’s speech and, per his request, five kernels of

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Heart On Hold

“I feel like my heart is on hold.” The words tumbled from the mouth of my friend, sad and deflated.

I understand the feeling. It wasn’t so long ago that I felt the same way. For years I tried to fuse my heart for writing with my heart for marriage and family but it never seemed to work. I could never get past my guilt, my doubts, my worries, my fears.

I’ve written about this before. Perhaps I’ll write about it a thousand times more, as I relay time and

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Today I spent some time cleaning out the folders of my email account. It’s a job I’ve needed to do for at least a couple years, yet never seemed to get to.

As I sorted through my pile of online folders, I had to laugh at the scraps I found: order receipts from 2009, forwards I tucked away and promptly forgot, a note from my aunt about who was to bring what to Thanksgiving dinner in 2010. Seeing as how my sweet aunt now spends her thanksgivings in heaven, I

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