God is bigger than fear

For as long as I can remember, I have avoided the news like the plague. At 4:00 on days where I’m free, I love watching Ellen Degeneres. She brings so much joy and laughter. But as soon as the hour ends and the 5:00 news starts – click, off goes the TV or the channel changes. I understand that some awareness of what is happening around me is good, but constantly bombarding myself with all the bad in the world only brings me sadness and fear.

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Confessions of a Peace Lover...

What are you afraid of? Think on it a bit…what do you fear?

Fears come in all shapes and sizes: spiders, snakes, alligators, sharks, tornadoes, hurricanes, fire, flood, illness, injury, death, evil people, failure, success, having a baby, NOT having a baby, confrontation, abandonment, being alone, debt, public opinion, hard work, doctors, gray hair, clowns…

The list could go on and on. Fears (doubts, worries, anxieties) or phobias (obsessions, horrors, terrors) plague many. Sure, there are a few folks who appear to live fearless lives but often there is something

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Learning to let go

photo courtesy of Jen Gusey

One warm summer day, Little Miss Sunshine asked me if I’d help her learn how to float on her back. Over the past couple summers she’s been eager to learn how to swim, yet she’s much more cautious than T-Rex who thinks he is part fish.

She took her arm floaties off and we sat in the shallow end of the lake. I instructed her to lean back and relax as if she were laying in bed falling asleep. Time after time,

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Confessions of a Peace Lover...

I followed some of my own advice recently – and it worked out well. The advice: “On round birthdays get outta town!” This year was one of those birthdays and on the eve of the big day Brian and I headed south. I can handle traumatic events much better when I’m warm!

Ok ok, so it wasn’t SO traumatic; in fact it was much easier to handle this round number than the one that happened a decade ago. Forty was hard for me; thirty was a breeze and fifty is

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