What I'll Miss Most

A few nights ago my husband, daughters and I came home after an evening of running errands. As we walked in the door my dad smiled big at my daughter, Aletheia, and told her a surprise was waiting for her in her room.

Excited, we all went upstairs to find a small but beautiful Christmas tree had been placed in each of my daughters’ rooms.

As soon as I saw the trees I knew who was behind this Christmas joy. My mom. My mom who makes all things

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We all have our quirks.

I can’t go to sleep with the closet door open.

I can’t function without my morning shower.

I can’t eat bread after it’s been in the fridge.

A few weeks ago my husband, Chris, decided it was time to get a new chair for his office. Thinking this was a good opportunity for some family fun we loaded up our girls and headed to Staples where we played a game of Goldilocks by testing every chair.

“This one is too hard.”

“This one

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The Dust is Settling


Coming down off of the holiday high is always a bit of an adjustment. All the Christmas shopping, traveling, and visiting with family makes for an extremely busy but also really enjoyable time. I’m used to the holiday craziness, as it has been like this for years now (especially adding in visiting in-laws too!) but this holiday had a different feel to it. Losing my grandpa this September gave the idea of gearing up for the holidays a whole other meaning. I don’t know what it

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Five Kernels of Corn

My daughter and I recently had the delight of reading Mary’s First Thanksgiving, a picture book Kathy-jo Wargin.

In this book Wargin tells a story about a young girl named Mary and her family’s first Thanksgiving as American colonists in the early 1800’s.

Based on historical events, this sweet story draws from a speech that Daniel Webster gave in 1820 at the bicentennial celebration of the Pilgrims’ landing at Plymouth Rock.

According to Wargin’s book a banquet followed Webster’s speech and, per his request, five kernels of

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