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In my studies of our Jewish heritage I found a teaching by a Messianic Rabbi about being a disciple and how they were chosen. He said at the time Jesus was choosing the twelve, all the young men that were of the age to study under Rabbis were chosen by those Rabbis and those that were not chosen went on to work for their livelihood. This was a great honor to be chosen. It meant they saw potential in that person and traits such as intellect and talents. This man

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The Season of Preparation

On December the 2nd, many people will begin the celebration of the Advent Season. A time of preparation for the coming of the Lord, a celebration of the fulfillment of hundreds, even thousands of years of prophecies leading up to the first cry of Jesus on that blessed night in Bethlehem.

This is one of my favorite times of the year. This is the time when we can celebrate the joy and hope of the truth of Jesus’ birth. His ministry of Salvation and Redemption, and we can

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Pieces of My Heart

I’ve always loved the beauty of mosaic art. There is something so powerful to me about looking at a beautiful work of art made from thousands of broken pieces. Each part represents something that was originally destroyed. Part of what was once whole, now fragmented, fractured, scattered; then re-gathered into something wonderful that previously didn’t exist in the world. This to me is how I believe God sees every human heart.

Ezekiel 36:26 says “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will

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Spiritual Junk Food?

Do you know anyone who does not have a favorite “junk food?” I don’t either!

It seems that every time the pressure is on, my body’s first desire is more often than not, something fast, cheap, and sweet. There is something about taking that first bite, and the stress seems to fade away; until the last bite and then I realize that I am worse off than where I started!

This week, I‘ve been asked of Jesus to begin paying attention to something else that happens when stressors mount; I’ve

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