The Truth About Guarding Your Heart...

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about being surprised when God’s goodness shows up in our lives. This post was about a relatively small matter…a stolen check that was miraculously found and returned to the bank.

Over the past few weeks this idea of expectation, desire and disappointment has become a running theme in my life. Sometimes I think God uses ‘small matters’ like the check to plant seeds in our hearts that are eventually nurtured and grown when big matters

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Absolutely Nothing

Last week I wrote about my love for the movie Becoming Jane which portrays the life of Jane Austen.

One of my favorite scenes in this movie takes place when Lady Gresham comes to call on Jane in an effort to convince the young and unknown writer to accept the marriage proposal of her nephew, Wesley. Feeling pressured and frustrated with the situation Jane is overcome by a sudden impulse.

“Excuse me,” she says as she pulls out her pen and paper

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Downton Abbey? A post about Downton Abbey? Oh yes, I’m guilty as charged. For I, like the rest of the world, have fallen in love with this British display of pure delight.

There is just something about this wildly popular TV show that strikes a chord with me. Simply put, when I watch Downton, I’m not just drawn into the story line, the characters, and the drama. No, something more happens. Each and every time, my heart is stirred and a longing for tranquility, beauty and romance rises to

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Foolish, But Free

Last week I shared a story about Doubting Thomas, and how I struggle with the issue of having faith. I also shared about my recent struggle with fear and doubt over my desire to have another baby.

This week, I would like to share the rest of that story, the part of the story that taught me the importance of abiding in God.

When I began to think and sense that I might be pregnant, I shared my heart with a close friend. I knew that my friend

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