Watch What Love Will Do

A few weeks ago I allowed myself to get lost in the television series, Call The Midwife. Based on the true story of midwife, Jenny Lee, and set in the late 1950’s this popular TV show chronicles the life and times of the midwives who served the poorest district of post-war London.

The first episode from season one portrayed the story of Conchita Warren. Conchita and her husband were parents to twenty-four children. (Yes, you read that right…twenty-four children! Move over Duggar family.) When baby number twenty-five was found

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Held For Me

Here it is, the end of summer, the start of fall.

Tell me, what season starts as deliberately as fall. My oldest is only pre-school age, but still, I can feel it, the change. The end of summer madness, of sprawling, lazy days. The start of fresh beginnings, of rhythm and routine.

Honestly, I love the fall and I welcome the change, but as I consider the deliberateness that defines this season, I can’t help but take stock of the things I try to be deliberate about in my

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A Time to Work (Part One)

My family is going on vacation without me.

This should not come as a surprise. For four consecutive summers my mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, two nephews, and niece have packed their bags, loaded their cars and headed for Williamsburg, VA while my husband, my girls and I keep the fort here in Michigan.

It’s not that my family wants to enjoy their vacation without us. Quite the contrary, they would love for us to join them. However, for the past four years, my husband and I have been working hard

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The Four P's of Summer

It’s summer! While this fact comes with many good and wonderful things for us to enjoy, (For example: cookouts, camping trips, beach trips, vacation) it also comes with just as many things that can be incredibly overwhelming (For example: cookouts, camping trips, beach trips, vacation.)

Everywhere I turn there are people in my life who are approaching meltdown status due to an overloaded summer schedule.

One friend, who is a teacher and mom of two small children, is already counting the priceless days she has with her kids before she

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