The Circle Of Friends Marketplace Ministry Vision

We know that most problems and challenges in business and in life have to do with people and relationships. Sometimes we need to fix a machine or purchase a new product for better production, but many times it’s the personal/human element which gets overlooked. When relationships within the structure receive the same kind of attention that other areas get, things like *Employee Morale and Retention, *Increased Productivity and an increased *Sense of Ownership likely result.

We want to partner with you by sharing, facilitating and implementing these life-giving, biblical principles in a way that’s conducive to your business and your schedule.

The Global Priority Idea

*Today we see that too many people have traded character for profit and temporary gratification. However, we believe there is a spiritual hunger in almost every human heart to live, work and do business where individuals are valued and there is a long-term personal and institutional commitment to honesty, ethics and trust.

We do not believe that positive social, economic and governmental change stems from a political decision; instead, it grows from dozens, hundreds, thousands and someday millions of individuals saying no to greed and injustice and embracing ethical personal and business standards. Once those practices are in place, positive, life-affirming societal change cannot help but follow.

*Adapted from

Circle of Friends Ministries, Inc.
Leadership Development Initiative

40 Character Principles : (Proverbs-based)

-One Principle per week
-One Hour per week
-Leadership Group(s) of 6-7 persons in a roundtable format
-Application of a Biblical Principle (Not a Bible study)

Venues : Businesses, Non-Profit organizations and others

Sessions based on Global Priority character principles
“A proven program with proven results”

Options :

-40 week plan
-20 week plan
-Customized plan

Contact Info :

Lisa Troyer

Circle of Friends Ministries, Inc.
233 Factory St. NE Suite B Box 308
Sugarcreek, OH 4468