Writers Guidelines

Who We Are

As women who are committed to Jesus Christ, Circle of Friends’ goal is to evangelize the lost and edify the Body of Christ by touching the lives of women, locally and globally. Our ministry avails God-honoring, Word-based teaching, worship, accountability and fellowship to women in a non-denominational environment. By augmenting the ministry of respective local churches, we are endeavoring to build Christian unity among women from all backgrounds in our community.

What We Need

With this goal in mind, Circle of Friends is looking for well-written devotionals to post on the web site. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Maximum 650 word count.
  • The following formatting rules will help us in the editing process:
    • Use Times New Roman 12 pt font
    • Please remember to use proper rules of grammar, including proper punctuation (do not type in all capital letters, watch the use of exclamation points, contractions and italics, etc).

    • Please write out all numbers (“twenty-seven” not ‘27’) unless it is a Scripture reference.

    • The layout of the devotional should be Title (bold-faced) Scripture (bold-faced with chapter and verse reference at the end with the Bible translation in the parenthesis) Body of devotional (single spaced with one space between paragraphs), Optional prayer (in italics) at the end.

    • Please remember to note your name at the end of each devotional.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Connect Scripture with your own life experience. This helps to prevent being “preachy”. Simple illustrations from your own life, lessons that you are learning through your own study of the Word will help the reader connect to the Biblical truth you are trying to share.

  • Try to think snapshot, not movie; have one central point and try not to be distracted from it. Very familiar illustrations or clichés have little impact and should not be used.

  • The focus of your submissions should be to encourage others in their walk of faith, deeper commitment to God and His Word. Please remember that we are endeavoring to unify the Body of Christ by crossing denominational lines. Do not make denominational references, or write about church doctrine, or specific methodology on issues such as baptism, etc.

  • Previously published material cannot be used. Quotes must be referenced; always give original source of any materials you quote.

  • With each submission the author grants Circle of Friends Ministries, Inc. non-exclusive rights on a gratis basis for use in Circle of Friends Devotional material in written form, Circle of Friends Daily Web Devotional or in spoken form via The Circle of Friend Radio Broadcast.