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  • I am a Christian singer/songwriter/speaker, based in Columbus, OH. I would love to stay connected with your ministry. Bless you for what you do for women!

  • susanprince

    I am looking to renew my faith have been struggling lately and need to reconnect ASAP. Is there a Circle of Friends group in Austin, Texas?

  • God truly does order our steps!!! I had an opportunity to meet Lisa on Saturday at the Unleashed Hope conference at Sawmill Resort. During our brief encounter I was blessed to receive her newly released book, A Place to Belong. I could not put it down from the moment I started reading it. This book spoke to me in several ways, it gave me hope and it convicted me. This book is definitely going to be used to aid women who struggle with a life of secrets and shame.

    Is there a Circle of Friends group in the Akron/Fairlawn area? If not I may have to start one.

  • Joyce M. Buetner

    I read about your circle in The Lima News in the article about Elizabeth Ward’s new book. It was thrilling to know that such a community of Christian women exists. I have felt God’s gentle leading to write a book of true stories for some time. I would like to know more about your writers and the qualifications. You might be an answer to a prayer. Nonetheless, I know that just joining the circle is a blessing in itself. Thank you for this ministry. I am very anxious to hear from you and to learn more.

  • Lorraine Stinson

    Hi I just heard Lisa on the Family Life Radio prog. with Dennis Rainey and enjoyed the program. Can you tell me if there is a
    Circle of Friends in southern California where I live? Do you
    also extend this to a Circle of Friends for young girls? They
    sure need support like this overseen by adults.

    Blessings to you. Thank you.


  • Dear Lisa, I saw your post on Facebook and would love the opportunity to share my story. I also live in Bellbrook/Sugarcreek OHIO! So I am very close to you! You can read a little about me on my website, or I would love to meet you for coffee. My cell is 937-609-5015 or my email is: Thanks for your consideration. Blessings! Deb

  • i love this book called “Do These Jeans Make Me Look Fat?”. It has made an impact with my spiritual growth as a Christian

  • I met Amelia Rhodes at a “Speak Up” conference this last weekend….she is a gem and I loved how she “smelled of Jesus”! That’s how I came to see this ministry….love love how the ministry history started! Thanks for being His Hands and Feet as He has called you to be!

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