Praying for Miss Patt

photo by Susie Finkbeiner


My dear friend Patt was dying. She’d suffered so much and for so long. My heart was full of joy-grief that still confuses me. I prayed for her family, thanked God for her, remembered her.

She was among the first to hear news about my life. When I got engaged. Pregnant. Had successes. Suffered failures. And she always had a wise word to share. She was my mentor.

My daughter loved Miss Patt. She was like another grandma. I sighed, knowing that

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Looking at the Sky

photo by Susie Finkbeiner

I taught Bible at an after school program for several years. Five days a week, the elementary aged kids would worship together and learn about Jesus. It was some of the best ministry I’ve ever experienced.

One of my students was named Kevin. He wiggled and rolled and fidgeted through Bible class every day. I was sure he just wasn’t listening.

“Hey, Kevin,” I would say.

“Yeah?” He wouldn’t look at me.

“Can you please sit still and pay attention?”

“Probably not.”


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Dog Attack

photo by Jen Gusey


Last year I was training for my first 5K race. One thing you need to know is that I am not a runner. I huff and puff and wheeze and pray that I don’t collapse as I’m running. The only reason I had even considered running the race was to help raise funds for a safe house for human trafficking victims in West Michigan.

One day, I went out for a training run early in the morning. The weather was just about perfect

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