Honor Thy Father


A few days ago my five year old grandson and his uncle were fishing in our little pond all afternoon. It was a fun time and they had caught about 21 small fish. He was very excited but also a little tired. They came in to eat some supper and take a break. He looked very tired and I thought surely he must be hungry. I asked him if he was hungry and he hesitated a little bit and then

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Fruit Loops

A few years ago, the church I was attending visited another church. At the close of the service the pastor said, “Every church has a ‘fruit loop’.” Everyone that was with me turned and looked at me. We had great fun with that on the way home and ever since.

A few weeks later as I thought on that, the Holy Spirit gave me a teaching about fruit loops. I began to think about corn flakes. They all look alike and when you put

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He Looked For an Intercessor

When I read Isaiah 59:16, my heart began to cry out: “May I be one that you can find ready to be that intercessor.” I saw that it is a prophecy about Jesus so I knew that I needed to study Him and how He did it. I saw in Hebrews 7:25 that He not only became that intercessor while He was on earth but He ever lives to make intercession for us. So I set out to learn how to be an intercessor.

I tried and tried to pray

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Follow Me

In my studies of our Jewish heritage I found a teaching by a Messianic Rabbi about being a disciple and how they were chosen. He said at the time Jesus was choosing the twelve, all the young men that were of the age to study under Rabbis were chosen by those Rabbis and those that were not chosen went on to work for their livelihood. This was a great honor to be chosen. It meant they saw potential in that person and traits such as intellect and talents. This man

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