What Am I Missing?

So – it’s my anniversary, and my husband is in town (he travels a lot so this is a real treat) and I have a really important meeting to attend. He says, ‘No problem – I will make you dinner and we can eat whenever’ (yes – he cooks for me! That’s one of the many reasons why I’ve kept him around for thirty-six years.)

Of course, I’m in a hurry, and distracted. I make it to part of the meeting, but wanting to honor my promise

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What's Your Fragrance?

“Can I ask which one of you ladies smell so good?”

The waitress asked her question to the four of us seated at her lunch table. I knew it had to be my friend Lisa, who always wears the same perfume and it does indeed smell heavenly. I can always tell when she’s been around, even if she has just left the room, because her essence lingers. I often stop to just inhale and appreciate it, and the thought crosses my

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The Lord is My Portion


In the aftermath of regret of a turkey-stuffed, high calorie week I have been dwelling a bit on the necessity for ‘portion-control’ in my life. Why, oh why is it so hard to say ‘no’ to all the things that are bad for you? If asparagus were full of carbs, fat, and sugar I wouldn’t hesitate to eat it. I’m sounding a little like St. Paul in his letter to the Romans – “I don’t really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but

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What's In Your Water?

“You can’t make unsafe foods safe.”

This bit of wisdom comes from a recent online food management course I took called “ServSafe”. The spiritual application of this hit me full force. How often do we try to make something of this world into something spiritually edible?


Nothing is more refreshing than a cold, pure glass of water. But what if I told you that I had added just a drop of sewage water into the glass?

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