God is bigger than fear

For as long as I can remember, I have avoided the news like the plague. At 4:00 on days where I’m free, I love watching Ellen Degeneres. She brings so much joy and laughter. But as soon as the hour ends and the 5:00 news starts – click, off goes the TV or the channel changes. I understand that some awareness of what is happening around me is good, but constantly bombarding myself with all the bad in the world only brings me sadness and fear.

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Be prepared in season and out of season

Volleyball is my sport. I have played since middle school and still continue to play on several rec leagues and man, I miss the every day practices that made me good at my craft of being a setter. Now that I only play once or twice a week, the ball doesn’t always go exactly where I planned… Sometimes it’s too far off the net, too tight, or I didn’t get to the pass quick enough and the attempted set goes right in the net. I work

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Taken Care Of

It is so crazy to me how God loves us so much and knows us so well that He gives us just what we need when we need to be taken care of.

Today marks a year for when my sweet grandpa left us as he was called home to be with the Lord. Coming up to this day, I wasn’t quite sure how I would feel. Being at his bedside, watching him breathe his last was not an easy moment – and yet it was one

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Let us Rejoice

Ending the night last night in the bathtub, praise God, I realized that I have been really terrible at taking moments to breathe, to appreciate the silence, and allow God time. So, this afternoon I am pushing off the things that need doing and spending some time in the word. I am working on a study at Shereadstruth about Nehemiah (which I have fallen way behind in… they are already 5 or 6 days in on the next study, oops) And today I

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