Well, who do you think made the lunch?

Recently our pastor gave a sermon on the miracle of the fishes & loaves from John 6:5-13.

This was one of my favorite stories as a kid. Probably because every time we heard it in Sunday school what began in the baskets as five stale dinner rolls and two plastic fish “miraculously” turned into enough Saltine crackers and Swedish fish for everyone to snack on by the end of the story.

For this sermon, however, the pastor took a different angle on the story. He zoomed in on the

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Overheard at Camp

My husband ministers at a traveling summer camp for kids, and this year our four children and I tagged along. Even though I’m not actually employed by the camp, I still try to set a good example for the younger people who are on staff by working hard where I can and engaging with as many of the campers as I can.

Yesterday afternoon I had just finished kicking around a soccer ball with some campers during registration when I decided to grab a piece of shade and cool off

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Love IS the hug!

This Tweet from a friend popped up in my Twitter feed this morning:

Agape love is not a feeling, it’s a verb.

I recently told a friend, “love isn’t the fuzzy feeling you get when someone gives you a hug, love IS the hug.” And that’s true of agape love, which in essence is love that is self-sacrificing as opposed to romantic or sexual love (eros) , familial love (storge), or affectionate friendship love (philia).

First of all, whew! I LOVED being validated in

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The not-so-perfect jars

We recently went to Ikea and offered to pick up and deliver any Ikea items to local friends.

One of my husband’s co-workers requested two glass jars–one to hold hot chocolate mix and another to hold cookies.

We picked out two jars and sent them in to work for her to pick up.

Later when I asked if the jars were what she was imagining, she was honest enough to reply, “They were not exactly what I was imagining, but they are perfect. I just need to find time to

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