Returning to Neverland

I work as a lifeguard at a local children’s water park in the summer. Usually about once a week I end up having to jump into the water to pull out a struggling child. It happens in just a second. A parent looks away and their toddler goes face down and is thrashing around trying to get up. I jump in and grab any piece of them I can in order to bring their face to the surface. I ask them if they are okay and they often can’t respond.

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Traveling the Trenches

I have been asking the Lord for days now to give me a fresh view of suffering. Waiting for a word from him to my heart.

Suffering is such a hard thing. As we lost our second pregnancy it felt different than the first. This time my heart was struggling with my own theology. I could see people coming a mile away and I wished that I could run. I knew they were coming to be so kind and loving but I knew they were going to ask how my

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Suffering Well

Bill was making me laugh when the OB Doctor came in to confirm the devastating news that we had lost our second pregnancy. I look back now at that moment and am grateful in so many new ways for my husband who is like a rock for me when the world is swirling in confusion and pain. The fact that we could be laughing, enjoying each other, in the midst of a tragedy is a testament to our Savior. Of course, the Dr. probably thought we were a little off.

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Of a different stride

I have a close friend who must read three chapters of their Bible every day. They pray in the same place and spend the same morning hours with their Savior on most days of the week. While I do respect the discipline and heart behind this routine I have to confess that I am judgmental toward it too. Maybe it makes me feel guilty and the judgment is my own self-defense. I used to think people who were very routine with the Christian disciplines were living out of guilt or

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