Broken but beautiful

A couple weeks ago, I stood by the front door and watched four paramedics load my husband into an ambulance. It was one of the scariest days of my life.

Kedron’s had trouble with his lower back for years. He herniated a couple disks about five years ago and they occasionally give him trouble. But that morning I found him on the floor, immobilized and in excruciating pain. I’d never felt so helpless. I sat next to him on the floor, tears streaming down my face. There

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God's Words, Our Cover Crop

cover rye

A week ago I meandered through my freshly tilled garden with an eight-pound bag of rye seed resting on my hip. I scooped handfuls of the seed and sifted it through my hands watching it drop into the soft, dark earth.

This was my first attempt to plant a cover crop for winter. I had no idea how beneficial a cover crop could be for your soil, particularly rye:

It grows quickly, with deep roots that keep soil loose and prevent it from compacting over the winter.

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When did you last rest?

photo by Jen Gusey

I pull remnants of dry, wilted vegetable plants from the earth. Next to me, a grocery bag fills with the last of the season’s tomatoes. On the other side, a black plastic lawn bag bulges with the plants poking through its sides. I move through each aisle clearing all that remains from a season of growth. The earth releases the roots to rejuvenate its nutrients for the next growing season. Kedron tills the earth, churning fresh dark soil to the top. The ground

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Rodent in the Trunk

The day of reckoning had arrived for the furry little brown groundhog that had been wrecking my garden. After weeks of chasing him out of my garden and discovering row after row of demolished vegetable plants, I had finally set a live trap. Within hours, the hungry rodent had entered the cage in search of his previously half-eaten zucchini dinner.

I grabbed my green gardening gloves and headed out to collect my capture. Even though some intelligent trap-engineer had made the portion of the cage underneath the

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