Going the extra mile

“If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.”

Matthew 5:41

photo courtesy iwanbeijes sxc.hu

“The extra mile is never crowded”

Or so a church sign boasted. I confess, the glib statement kicked up some unholy thoughts. You see at the time I passed the sign, I happened to be running mile 20 of a 22 mile run. I was literally in the extra mile.

During my marathon training, every couple weeks my “long run” got longer. Those “extra” miles are pure torture. It’s

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Community Begins at Home

photo courtesy of anissat on sxc.hu

The snow crunched under my feet. I paused outside the heavy glass doors. The playground was eerily quiet, the lull before the storm of five to seven-year-olds about to invade. Slices of bread hung by yarn on a tree, flapping in the wind, awaiting hungry birds. I took a deep breath of the frigid, fresh air and steadied my mind and my heart to give what I had to a couple dozen kindergartners.

Wide chocolate brown eyes greeted me with delight.

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Learning to let go

photo courtesy of Jen Gusey

One warm summer day, Little Miss Sunshine asked me if I’d help her learn how to float on her back. Over the past couple summers she’s been eager to learn how to swim, yet she’s much more cautious than T-Rex who thinks he is part fish.

She took her arm floaties off and we sat in the shallow end of the lake. I instructed her to lean back and relax as if she were laying in bed falling asleep. Time after time,

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Let your colors shine

photo courtesy of Jen Gusey

Over the past week the leaves have saturated the Michigan skyline with rich, brilliant colors. Clouds that taunted us all summer have finally expelled rain, turning the tree trunks black as night. The other day I was standing on the sidewalk admiring the colors of the leaves against the black trunks when the sky turned dark, warning of another rainstorm. The colors popped against the black trunks and the darkened sky.

Then a streak of sunshine burst through the storm clouds, lighting

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