A Place to Belong


A moving message of hope and belonging from Circle of Friends president, Lisa Troyer.

Looking for a place to belong? Find it in a community of women fostering relationships through authenticity, affirmation, and accountability —find it in the Circle of Friends. Your outlook will never be the same as you explore the ministry potential of a dynamic group of “women helping women,” and catch their vision to be women committed to Jesus Christ, obediently seeking God’s will, and fulfilling their life mission as Christ-followers.

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Confessions of a Peace Lover…


When I began writing this blog a few years ago I named it “Confessions of a Peace Lover” because of the season of life we were smack dab in the middle of. Peace – as in “peace and quiet” – was a precious commodity. Our five kids were all over the place, elementary school, junior high, high school, college, and student teaching. It was a busy, noisy, season of life at our house.

Five years later I must confess that here in our home peace and quiet are

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Sugar Bear Joy


During the first week of July in my hometown of Battle Creek, MI our city welcomes hot-air balloonists from all over the world for a hot-air balloon competition and festival.

My girls live for this week of the year. When the balloons come to town our morning and evening schedules revolve around daily 6:30 am and pm launch times.

I remember one morning in particular. My usually slow risers paraded into my room as soon as daylight broke across the sky.

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Confessions of a Peace Lover…

Psalms 5

I love reading the Psalms. So many times I feel like the psalmist has read my heart and put my prayers into words thousands of years before I took my first breath. That tells me I’m not alone in my joys or struggles. That tells me time and cultural trends pass but the heart of mankind still deals with all the emotions that life brings with it. That tells me that life’s issues may change yet the answer can still be found in the truth of God’s word.


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